Oscar Alvarado

Yanaguana Triad

Yanaguana Triad: PanterAzul, Anhinga, The Blue Hole, 2015
Glass and ceramic mosaic tiles, steel and concrete

The Yanaguana Triad is a series of glass and ceramic mosaic tile sculptures and benches located in the heart of the Yanaguana Garden at Hemisfair. This triad of figurative sculptures depict key narrative elements of the San Antonio River’s history as told by the descendants of the Payaya who were early inhabitants of the region. The three pieces include the PanterAzul, (the blue panther), the Anhinga (water bird) and the blue hole (source spring of the San Antonio River). The story of the river know as “Yanaguana” by the Payaya describes a catalytic event in early history in which a blue panther chases an anhinga bird out of the blue hole causing droplets of water to fall from the bird’s feathers and form all of life in the San Antonio River Valley. The pieces invite visitor interaction and sensory exploration in the sense that they can be climbed upon, sat on, or posed in front of for photographs.

Oscar Alvarado is an 8th generation San Antonian and artist who has created art for the public realm for over twenty years. His body of work has evolved from found-object electric assemblage sculptures in the late eighties, to his current production of large-scale sculptures covered with thousands of mosaic pieces of tile and glass. Alvarado makes mosaic sculptures and murals with materials/methods that have been in use for a millennia. He also incorporates new materials and techniques to ensure the longevity of the work. Alvarado is active in the San Antonio art scene. He was one the founders of First Friday (1993) and served as Chairman for Art in the Hood in Southtown San Antonio for two years. His process is collaborative, working closely with design professionals on large-scale public projects and often incorporating community participation into his process. He has completed several public art commissions in San Antonio as well as throughout the state of Texas.

Artist Website: www.oscartist.com