Jennifer Khoshbin


Sideshow, 2015
Painted steel and LED lights

Sideshow is inspired by the design of French paper theater models and Baroque theatre design. Both use multiple “frames” in perspective to compress space down to a unified scene. Audience members and actors fulfill large parts of the illusory experience through imagination. Play in public, both as a theme and as an activity, can flourish in incomplete spaces that invite improvisation and story making.

Constructed of three powder-coated cut steel frames, the piece utilizes conventions of theatrical illusion by overlapping the frame’s individual subjects. Each frame depicts accurate silhouettes of local plants, animals, and landscapes, including deer, songbirds, trees, and ferns. The scale and form of the theatre create a space of theatrical play for children to both act and imagine. Located adjacent to the Magik Children’s Theater, students and visitors can move openly between frames to create their own unique productions. Continued collaboration with performing arts groups will ensure a continued dialogue of play and creativity surrounding the sculpture.

Born in Philadelphia, 1968, Jennifer Khoshbin  studied both the Fine Arts and Sociology at UT Austin, and the University of Kentucky.  Now a mom to two, with professor husband, she currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas.  She has created work for galleries, museums, magazines, and collaborates with her husband on public works. Khoshbin’s work has been exhibited throughout the country, including: Brenau University GA, 360SEE Chicago, Untitled ArtSpace OKC, Eclipse Gallery WI, Tinlark Gallery LA, UPPERCASE Canada, Artstream Gallery NH, Bellevue Arts Museum WA, Rose and Radish Gallery SF, and Joan Grona, Flight, Southwest School of Art & Craft, 1906 Gallery SA, among others.  Her work has been published and written about widely, including: Newsweek, Readymade, House Beautiful, Glamour, Spaces Magazine, and several art and craft books, including: Green Guide For Artists, Illustration Play 2, Jen11, Paper Cuts, Playing With Books, The Repurposed Library, Book Up, Art Made From Books, among others.

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