Joey Fauerso

Sky Camp

Sky Camp, 2015
Painted steel and LED lights

Sky Camp creates an interactive and imaginative place for children to gather, discover, and make-believe. Inspired in part by fort building, the tents create a platform for symbolic play. Participants are empowered to define the space through play and pretend. The piece also points to the presence of natural habitats and experiences in an urban landscape.

Four “pup tents” are formed from blue powder coated steel forms, which reference the color of the sky. Located in one of the park’s secluded glades, large shading trees create a comfortable ‘camp-like’ environment. Each tent begins with a dark blue at the ground and lightens in a gradient towards the sky. This forms an intersection between earth and sky. At twilight recessed LED’s illuminate the interior of the structures and spill light onto the surrounding landscape.

Joey Fauerso is an artist and Associate Professor of Art at Texas State University. She has exhibited her work widely nationally and internationally, with recent shows at The Drawing Center in New York City, Blue Star Museum of Contemporary Art in San Antonio, and the David Shelton gallery in Houston. She has received grants from Artpace, the Golden Foundation, Texas State University, and The Dallas Museum of Art. In 2012 Joey completed a major public art commission for the City of New Braunfels, creating artwork and helping to redesign the Children’s wing of the New Braunfels Public Library. Joey has collaborated with 04 Arts to produce a number of educational workbooks commissioned by the Edwards Aquifer. In 2013, Joey was named one of the ‘Open Sessions’ artists, a two-year exhibition and curatorial program at the Drawing Center in New York.

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